Safety, Innovation and Technology: The focus for Hino at Brisbane Truck Show

Safety, innovation and technology the focus for Hino at Brisbane Truck Show
Image caption: Hino Australia’s stand at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show

Hino Australia has reinforced its position as a leader in trucking safety, innovation and technology with an impressive stand at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.
Headlining the stand were two of the 54 available variants of the all-new 500 Series Standard Cab – a FE1426 and a FD1124.
Speaking at the media briefing on Thursday 16th May at the Truck Show, Hino Australia’s General Manager of Brand and Franchise Development Bill Gillespie said:
“The 500 Series Standard Cab boasts the most comprehensive active safety package available from a Japanese manufacturer in the medium duty market.
“The safety features it contains are all standard because, at Hino, the safety of our customers, their passengers and other road users is not an option.
“Safety credentials aside, this truck also sets new benchmarks in comfort, technology, operational efficiency and its green credentials.” 
Another feature of the Hino stand was an example of the new heavy-duty Hino A05 turbo-charged five-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that powers the 500 Series Standard Cab models.  
“Not only does it deliver superior torque, increased power and improved fuel efficiency but it also has the cleanest exhaust emissions ever for a Hino truck in Australia, complying with Japan’s stringent post Post New Long Term (pPNLT) exhaust gas emissions standard.
“This is the equivalent to Euro 6 and is set to comply with the ADR80/04 emissions standards which are not expected to be mandated here in Australia for a number of years,” he continued.
Technology and innovation were also key themes of the stand with an interactive display of the new smart Hino Multimedia system which will be rolled out across the entire range of Hino light, medium and heavy duty trucks by the end of the year.
“Our new innovative smart Multimedia system introduces an unprecedented level of vehicle connectivity and entertainment functionality, together with the safety-enhancing reversing camera and can also include vehicle operational information and driver information.
It features a curated Hino application store, which allows the creation of bespoke apps to suit an individual customer’s needs.
Completing the 500 Series line-up on the stand was a 500 Series Wide Cab FM2632, with a 6 speed Allison automatic transmission and Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS), both of which have proven extremely popular with customers in the two years since the 500 Series Wide Cab was launched.
Australia’s best-selling hybrid diesel-electric light duty commercial vehicle, the Hino 300 Series Hybrid attracted a lot of interest on the Hino stand.
“At a time when Australian companies are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly options, Hino is proud to offer our proven hybrid technology as a legitimate solution for those customers who want to reduce fuel use and cut exhaust emissions,” said Mr Gillespie.
Available in eight variants, the model displayed uses a 150HP (110kW) / 420Nm diesel engine in parallel with a 36kW / 333Nm electric motor which are both mated to a Hino ProShift 5 Automated Manual Transmission.
Following its global reveal in 2017, the 300 Series 817 4x4 returned to the Brisbane Truck Show, and was a popular attraction at the Hino stand.
“It remains the safest truck in its class and is the only 7.5 tonne GVM 4x4 truck in Australia with VSC, driver and passenger airbags, cruise control and reversing camera as standard features,” said Mr Gillespie of the truck that continues to exceed its sales target
Another key model displayed in the 300 Series range was the 616 IFS Tipper, an example of Hino’s Built To Go Range which can be rated to either a car licence 4,495 kilogram GVM or 5,500 kilogram GVM for a light truck licence.
Its powerful four litre diesel engine produces 150HP (110kW) with 420Nm of torque and it boasts a comprehensive list of standard safety features including Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), vehicle stability control (VSC), dual SRS airbags, and Anti Slip Regulator (ASR).
Hino Australia’s heavy duty range was represented by a 700 Series SH2045 that transports the Hino Sports Deck display trailer to rounds of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship – Hino is currently in its second three-year sponsorship term of the Championship.
The SH2045 features a 450HP (331kW) / 2157Nm turbocharged, inter-cooled six cylinder diesel engine matched to a 16-speed ZF AS Tronic Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with integrated hydraulic retarder and Jacob`s type engine brake, an ISRI 6860/870 drivers seat and cruise control.
It also includes class leading safety with disc brakes, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and a driver’s SRS airbag.
Hino also showcased its latest partnership at Brisbane Truck Show with IRWIN Racing Team 18’s driver Mark ‘’Frosty’’ Winterbottom and team owner Charlie Schwerkolt signing autographs on the stand on Friday 17th May.
The opening hours of the Brisbane Truck Show are 12pm – 6pm on Thursday 16th May, 10am – 6pm on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May and 10am – 4pm on Sunday 19th May.