12 March 2021 · Driving Hints & Tips

Truck Care: Check these 6 maintenance tips on your Hino to keep it running smoothly

Truck Maintenance

At Hino we want to make sure your truck is running as smoothly as possible. Here we have outlined a checklist of 6 elements you should check so your truck is always running at its best.

1. Tyres

Extreme temperature conditions can reduce the grip of your tyres and cause them to blow out. It’s important to check your tyre pressure and tread depths once a month, especially if you’re moving between states with different climates. 

If you notice cracks, sidewall wear and tear or uneven wear you should replace them with good quality tyres.  

If the treads are worn out on one side of your tyres, you’ll need to get your truck aligned. It’s recommended that you rotate your tyres every 8,000km. If both sides of your tyres are worn, they’ll need replacing. 

As the temperature of the tyre and the ambient temperature increase so does the pressure. Check your tyres and adjust to specification when the tyres are cold and have not been driven on. Having the correct tyre pressure allows better handling, reduces excessive and uneven wear, wheel deformation and separation. 

Please check your owner’s manual for tyre pressure reference. 

2. Oil & filter

Changing oil is an essential part of truck care. Make sure you change your oil regularly to reduce wear on your engine as the oil lubricates and helps to reduce wear and friction on the surfaces of moving parts. In modern diesel engines the oil also contains dispersants which help to remove internal build-up of carbon. 

Extreme temperatures can cause thermal breakdown of the oil which makes it less effective as a lubricant. Plan to change your oil every 5,000km, but if you make frequent stops or go on long journeys, we recommend you change your oil more frequently. 

We recommend the use of Hino Genuine Oil, please refer to your owner’s manual for oil specification for your truck. 

3. Cooling system

Overheating can be responsible for engine failure and destroy an engine all together. Every two years you should flush and refill your cooling system. You should never remove the cap of a radiator until the engine has cooled down. Bring your Hino to us so we can assist you with flushing your system with Hino Genuine Coolants

4. Brakes

With a disk brake system friction causes the brake part materials to break down over time, especially in hot and cold weather conditions. Make sure you change your brake pads, otherwise it can be very dangerous and expensive. Listen out for a high-pitched squealing noise, that’s your wear indicator and you’ll know it’s time to change your truck’s brake pads. 

With a drum brake system, the brake shoes wear and the clearance to the drum increases which in turn increases the brake pedal travel. Brake drums are sealed away so visually checking for wear and tear can be tricky. Some signs to indicate your drum brakes require inspection or adjustment include an inconsistent brake pedal feel, loose hand brake feel and a scraping noise while braking. 

If you notice any of these signs on your truck, contact us as soon as possible.

In order to reduce your running costs and keep you on the road for longer, we only replace your brakes with Hino Genuine Parts.

5. Batteries

Battery sulfation and corroding batteries can happen as a result of hot weather as the heat causes battery electrolyte to evaporate faster. A build-up of corrosion can cause a lower voltage from the battery over time, using battery cleaner can prevent this by neutralising the battery acid, however we recommend you bring your Hino to us to have a professional mechanic do this for you. Batteries may need to be replaced after 5 years. The use of Hino Genuine Batteries assures a longer lasting battery. 

6. Hose and belts

A key to truck care is preventative maintenance, which can save you from spending a lot of money and causing problems in the long run. Checking hoses and belts is easy, and inexpensive if they need fixing but if left unchecked, they can cause major problems. Check for proper tension and alignment of the belt, and the coolant hoses for signs of cracks, wear and coolant leaks. If you need to replace your hose and belts, make sure you use Hino Genuine Parts.

It is essential for you to not miss your scheduled service. Book your truck in with us for a Hino Genuine Service to assure your truck is well maintained and safe.

We offer Capped Price Servicing across the entire range from Euro 5 onwards.