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The 10 best truck stops in Australia

The 10 best truck stops in Australia

Work, rest and stay – where to get it all.


One of the biggest attractions to the life of a long-haul truckie is the constant travel. New places. New people. Just you and the open road. What’s not to love?

However, when you’re on the road so often for long periods, you tend to look for some creature comforts. Like a bed when you’re sick of the rest bunk in your cab, a decent meal instead of another sausage roll, or even just somewhere you can grab a quick shower.

If you’re a seasoned veteran of the open road, you’ll already know some great places to stop along various routes.

But if you’re just starting out, or driving a new route, we’ve put together a “starting” list of the ten best (in no particular order) truck stops in Australia.

So, let’s get started:


#1. The Milestone Café, Moorland, NSW.

Address: 99 Jericho Rd, Moorland, NSW.

Opening Hours: 7:30am – 10pm Sun-Fri

Located 3 hours North of Sydney, and 6 hours south of Brisbane, the Milestone Café is a good place to stop if you’re travelling along the NSW coast. So, what’s it got on offer? Great burgers and breakfast (according to a review it’s “just like how mum used to do it.”), 24-hour fuelling station next door, great parking, and clean toilets. Also, if you’re in a hurry, you can call ahead and order food, so you’re back on the road quickly. Convenient, right?

#2. Emmdale Roadhouse, Wilcannia, NSW

Address: 15981 Barrier Highway, Wilcannia, NSW.

Opening Hours: 7am – 8pm Daily

Probably one of its biggest benefits is easy big rig access. They’ve also got hot showers, hot meals (they serve up a HUGE steak sandwich), cold beverages, and “the best coffee” according to a customer. You can top-up your tank (the truck and your own) or get a proper night’s sleep in one of their beds. Located a bit west of central NSW, it’s a great place to stop if you’re on your way to Broken Hill.


#3. The Golden Nugget Roadhouse, Gympie, QLD

Address: 392 Bruce Hwy Gympie, QLD

Opening Hours: 24/7

So, what do you have to look forward to about this stop? All-day breakfast (because, of course you do), but if you’re a little over having breakfast for lunch (or dinner), then you can choose from their steak or homestyle roast (we’ve read good things). The staff are always friendly, and there’s plenty of room for you to park your truck for the night. Use the GPS for this stop because we’ve heard the turn-off is easy to miss. So, take it slow.

#4. Hell’s Gate Roadhouse, Nicholson, QLD

Address: Savannah Way, Nicholson, QLD

Opening Hours: 7am – 8:30pm Daily

Located 2 hours away from the QLD border, it’s a great place for a rest if you’re travelling between Northern QLD and the NT. Known for its Barra Burger and Vegan dishes, you’ve got access to rooms and campgrounds, clean amenities, and relatively cheap fuel…which probably depends on where you’re from. An added benefit is the gravel airstrip, which can accommodate most types of planes. If you’re into that sort of thing.


#5. Hattah Roadhouse, Hattah. VIC

Address: 3478 Calder Highway, Hattah, VIC

Opening Hours: 5:30am – 7pm Weekdays / 7am – 6pm Weekends

Described as “a gem in the middle of nowhere” (review) the showers are always clean and hot. They serve top-notch coffee and burgers and is the place to go if you want great truckie chow (and want to avoid the big fast-food chains). You’ll generally find it filled with people heading back from the bike races, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for all (big rigs included).

#6. BP Barnawartha, Barnawartha North, VIC

Address: Lot 1 Service Centre, Murray Valley Hwy, Barnawartha North, VIC

Opening Hours: 24/7

If you’re on your way to Albury and need a break, then you’ll want to stop here. Aside from an amazing view of the mountains, there is plenty of room for all types of vehicles. Equipped with clean showers and toilets, not to mention laundry facilities, there’s also a Hungry Jacks and Café One, if you want a bit of variety. But if you’re good for food and just want to sit with your thoughts, there’s a comfy trucker’s lounge where you can do just that.


#7. Jagers BP, Tailem Bend, SA

Address: 10 Princes Highway, Tailem Bend (well played), SA

Opening Hours: 24/7

If you’re doing a run from Melbourne to Adelaide, or vice versa, this is another good place to stop. You’ll have access to toilet and shower facilities for a pit stop or to freshen up for the drive ahead. They’ve also got an all-day breakfast on offer, with the option to dine-in or takeaway. Plus, great barista-style coffee to refuel yourself, and relatively cheap fuel for your truck. They’ve also got Wi-Fi so you can facetime your family or friends while you eat. Pretty sweet, right?


#8. BP Kewdale Truck Stop, Kewdale, WA

Address: 549 Abernethy Rd, Kewdale, WA

Opening Hours: 24/7

Imagine a truck stop that catered specifically to truckies. That’s what BP Kewdale Truck Stop does best. So, what do you get when you rock up? Tonnes of room for large trucks to fill up. They’ve got hot showers, clean amenities, and even laundry facilities. Which is perfect if your clothes can stand-up by themselves. Their menu has a large variety you can choose from, along with truck washing services, and even a trucker’s lounge for when you just want to hangout and relax.


#9. BP Adelaide River, Adelaide River, NT

Address: 120 Stuart Highway, Adelaide River, NT

Opening Hours: 7am – 5pm Weekdays / 7am -5pm Weekends

If you’re on your way to Darwin, or on your way out, you may want to visit this place. Not only is it the perfect place for a truckie to catch a rest, it’s also a “top place to camp” according to a review. Like a lot of truck stops on the list it has home-style food with dine-in or takeaway options, clean outdoor toilets, and showers, as well as laundry facilities to keep you pong-free. But the biggest benefit are the cabins on offer, where you can get a comfortable kip if you’re done with sleeping in your truck.

#10. Coles Express Truck Stop, Alice Springs, NT

Address: Libili St and Dalgety Rd, Alice Springs, NT

Opening Hours: 6am – 10pm Mon – Sat / 7am – 9pm Sun

If you’re cruising into – or through - Alice Springs and need a place with plenty of room for a stop, then you’ve found the right place. Located on the edge of town, the Coles Express Truck Stop in Alice Springs has the basics if you’re looking to refuel your truck and yourself. Reasonable priced fuel and hot food will keep your engine running for a while longer.

There you have it; our list of the 10 best truck stops in Australia.

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Be safe out there.